Here are some photos of repairs Roy and his team have done.  This first set of photos is one old weathered, scratched, stained, cracked, veneer missing and structurally unsound yet unique table that Roy's wife loved and begged him to refinish.  These photos will help you appreciate the steps it takes to completely restore a single piece.  Click on the first picture to zoom in and just click Next to view as a slide show.
Cracked back of a bench.What crack?  i don't see anything...
This pew needed a prayer...
and a craftsman!Prayers answered, 
Roy to the rescue! 
Lovely finish, no more wear and tear.
My Dog ate it!  This cane chair was weathered and chewed.Chewed corners.What chewed corners?Chair was repaired and no damage can be found! 
Lets hope that dog isn't still hungry!
Very worn dresser needs a lot of TLC.Beautiful, like new, dresser with new color and great sheen!
Sewing machine table was just old and worn with a few missing parts.   A drawer was re-crafted and veneer was repaired.  
This Singer has a new song to sing!
Side Table cracked and severely scratched.No more damage, good as new!
Cabinet stripped down to 
bare wood.Got a fresh new color and an outstanding finish!